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Time is only making it more and more contemporary.



  • All great things are simple.
  • Yoga is also simple, indeed very simple. The complexities and intricacies with which yoga seem to be associated presently, is due to the whims and fancies of some misguided people.
  • They have succeeded only in perplexing many.
  • To get the pure, uncontaminated form one should go to the source.
  • The source of yoga is Vedas.
  • In yoga, a number of principles and techniques have evolved over thousands of years.
  • It was perfected by thousands of great Masters and Teachers by their lives.
  • It is continuously being practiced by generation after generation without interruption.
  • It is still continuing to grow in strength and vitality.
  • Time is only making it more and more contemporary.

YOGA makes every individual perfect

  • It brings the perfect body, mind and soul in perfect harmony with enviroment - all united as one.
  • This perfect union reflects the greatest potential in every individual.
  • This results in perfection in every moment and perfection in every action.

Yoga Vaidya Śālā dedicates itself to presenting Yoga in its purest form to all sincere and ardent seekers of Yoga

  • Yoga Vaidya Śālā offers different group classes as well as individual classes in Yoga to suit the different needs of every individual.
  • All the classes are conducted by highly qualified Yoga teachers with many years of personal and teaching experience.
  • Every class is conducted under supervision of a senior Yoga therapist.